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5 Frequently Asked Questions About In Alimony in Pennsylvania
After receiving so many questions about alimony from our clients, or prospective clients who either call or visit our website, there is no doubt much confusion that appears to exist regarding a spouse's entitlement to alimony in Pennsylvania
Where are the Kids?
What happens when the custodial parent withholds the children.
Custody Nuclear Option
What happens when abuse allegations occur in a custody case.
Locked Out
What happens when you are locked out of your home by your spouse?
What do I need for my first Consultation for a Divorce?
Most individuals ask this question when they make their initial consultation appointment with me. This is a great question since it will make the consultation much easier to explain to the client. I normally will respond with the follow:
Paternity and Child Support in Arizona – What You Should Know
Paternity is an extremely important factor when evaluating child support obligations in Arizona. More often than not, paternity is already known at the time child support is addressed in a family law proceeding.
Understanding Texas Spousal Maintenance Law
If you are considering a Texas divorce, spousal maintenance (alimony) may be a significant issue in your divorce proceeding. Historically, Texas law imposed substantial limits on a court’s ability to make spousal maintenance orders, which were far more restrictive than many other states.
How Your Child’s School Performance May Impact Your Texas Child Custody Dispute
It is always easier on all parties if a child custody dispute can be settled amicably but I know that that is sometimes an unrealistic goal. Child custody disputes in Texas can be bitter and contentious after all, you are litigating over one of the most important things in your life—your children.
Questions to Consider when Deciding whether to Settle Your Divorce Case
There are many reasons to consider reaching a settlement in your divorce or other Houston Divorce case rather than pursue the matter in court. While you should always consult a Houston Divorce Lawyer about your particular case before making a settlement decision here are some questions to ask first.
War of the Ring : Who Gets the Ring if the Engagement is Broken?
The question about who gets the engagement ring is often litigated. Like the War of the Ring in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, both of you seek that one ring and the fighting is fierce. Who gets it depends on what state you live in and how the breakup occurred.
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