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When is a Divorced Uncontested?
Know whether your divorce is contested or uncontested before you hire an attorney. If you and your spouse do not agree on every issue, including ihe division of assets, amount and length of alimony and child support, your divorce is contested and you need to make sure you hire the right attorney.
Divorce Tips for Illinois Moms
Thousands of moms go through a divorce each year; though the process is certainly difficult, it can be manageable if you follow some simple tips to ease the inevitable changes you and your family will be experiencing.
Indirect & Direct Illinois Child Support Payments
One of the greatest and most obvious concerns newly divorced parents have is in regards to their children. Divorce proceedings can be time-consuming, expensive, emotional, and very difficult on a family.
New Illinois Domestic Violence Law
The Illinois legislature has recently taken critical, necessary steps to ensure the safety of women suffering from domestic violence.
Illinois Divorce Tips for New Beginnings in the New Year
January marks a new beginning for all of us: new year, new goals, new life. On the flip side, January is also historically the month where the most divorces are filed. This article offers some tips for those faced with divorce this new year.
Divorce Tips for Dads in Connecticut
Going through a divorce can be challenging, especially as a parent. This article offers some divorce tips for fathers in Connecticut.
For Divorced Florida Parents, Child Support Can Be a Matter of Trust
Most Florida parents realize that it is their responsibility to support their children following a divorce
Hidden Money Can Create Problems for Property Division in Florida Divorces
In most divorces, money is a huge issue. It is even more important when settling a high asset divorce.
Divorcing Florida couples wanting to keep their business should consider mediation
Many Florida married couples are also co-owners of a business. This arrangement can work well while the marriage does.
Florida’s Ex-Military Spouses Should Research Benefits Available After Divorce
Ex-spouses of military personnel living in Florida may be unaware that they are able to receive some benefits, even after they are no longer married.
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