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How parties find themselves in a mix of legal problems when going through a divorce.
Types of Child Custody Arrangements
In the past, sole custody by one parent was the standard form of custody. Under sole custody, one parent was awarded both the physical custody of the child (the right to have the chi
Does Jail Time Make Sense for Those Owing Child Support?
In many instances, a custodial parent might agree that individuals who aren’t paying their child support should be made to deal with the consequences.
Being Apart Isn’t a Good Thing for Marriages
Serving in the military comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks. Military personnel understand that being in the military and spending time serving their country is going to bring the possibility of being away from their family and home for an extended period of time.
Central Michigan Divorce Lawyer, Jillian Sadler, Todd Levitt, Levitt Law Firm PC, April 10th 2014
Mount Pleasant attorney Jillian Sadler has joined forces with Todd Levitt
Are Secret Accounts Really the Best Idea?
and especially child support. Many people are taking the necessary steps to prepare for their future in the event of a divorce. They are opening a separate account and hiding it from their spouse.
Divorce mediation is another option for Florida divorce
Litigating a divorce may always be an option for Florida couples, but it isn't the only option. For couples that want an alternative, there is divorce mediation or collaborative law.
Parent Visitation Rights FAQ
Any divorce or child custody case can be difficult. Once parental responsibility is established, having a chance to spend time with the minor children is important. Nothing can replace having a presence in the growth and development of a child’s life.
Who Gets the Debt: Divorce and Bankruptcy
Divorces can be very complex, especially when there are major financial obligations, property and debts to divide. The situation can get very messy when there is a huge financial loss at stake for one or both parties.
Summary Dissolution of Marriage in California
A summary dissolution of marriage is the simplest way to get a divorce in California. You and your spouse will not be required to appear in court. You will have to file the required paperwork with the court clerk and wait at least 6 months for a final judgment of dissolution
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