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The Roll of Evidence in Proving Guilt
The roll of evidence in proving guilt
What happens after a DWI arrest in Texas?
What happens after a DWI arrest in Texas
Hiring an Attorney
Hiring an Attorney
Do you know the new Texas Criminal and Traffic Laws?
Below is a list of selected changes to traffic and criminal statutes that went into effect on September 1, 2011
Criminal Mischief and the Juvenile Justice system
An overview of the Juvenile System in regards to Criminal Mischief cases
Are Medical Marijuana Cards a Defense to Criminal Charges in California?
A recent Rolling Stone article continues to point out the current administrations' "War on Pot" is very real and active.
Questioning the Deprivation of Sex Offender Rights and Opportunities
Across the United States, approximately 747,408 individuals are listed on sex offender registries.
Strip Searches Without Cause Upheld by Supreme Court
Various freedoms, this country is also known for many levels of protections from government overreach. Unfortunately, one of the basic levels of protection has been challenged by a recent Supreme Court ruling.
Tracking Suspects with Cell phones: Is that Legal?
Cell phones offer the ability to contact loved ones, look up restaurants and even check the weather. However, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) these handy devices are also, in some cases, being used to implicate their owners.
Law Grants More Protections Sex Crimes Victims, Increases Convictions
Recently, Governor Brown signed a bill into law that provides trial assistance to children and other vulnerable victims of sex crimes. Supporters of the law believe strengthening protections for victims will also increase convictions for those accused of sex crimes.
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