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Know Your Rights! Guide for Youth and Adults
Quick guide to your legal rights as an adult or juvenile in contact with police or school officials.
The Controversy of Civil Asset Forfeiture
Civil asset forfeiture is an area of law that is growing more and more controversial each day, with calls for reform being made at the state and federal level, because of what many see as wide spread abuse of the system.
Attorney Advice: Why You Must Fight Speeding Traffic Law Violations
Speeding is very common and speeding tickets are handed out a lot. But it is important for you to be aware of how to protect and defend yourself from when receiving a speeding ticket because New york driver’s can received between 3-11 points for these infractions.
Dog Sniff of UPS Package Removed from Conveyor Belt is Neither Search nor Seizure
In September, the Minnesota Supreme Court decided in State v. Eichers that the removal of a package from a conveyor belt at a UPS mailroom, and the subsequent dog sniff of that package, constituted neither search nor seizure under the United States and Minnesota Constitutions.
Minnesota Self-Defense: Duty to Retreat Applies in Apartment Hallway
In Minnesota, there is generally no duty to retreat when properly acting in self-defense in your own home. The Minnesota Supreme Court recently held that the duty to retreat still applies in the common hallways of one’s apartment building.
New Illinois Law Will Help Protect Domestic Violence Survivors
Domestic violence has been a common area of discussion, given the recent Ray Rice scandal and the fact that October was National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.
The Psychology of the Pretrial Identification Procedures: The Showup is Showing Out and Undermining the Criminal Justice System
A review of the pretrial identification procedure, the showup, in comparison to the line up and the ramification against the potential suspect of utilizing this method outside of exigent circumstances.
Stand Your Ground
Facts surrounding Stand Your Ground Defense
SCOTUS to Hear Case Regarding Legality of K-9 Sniffs After the Conclusion of a Traffic Stop
This case poses the question of whether, under federal law, an officer may extend an already-completed stop for a canine sniff without reasonable suspicion or other lawful justification.
Florida DUI Penalties
Penalties and Sanctions for DUI
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