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New Illinois Eavesdropping Bill
Currently, it is a felony in Illinois to record another individual without his or her consent, although it is not illegal to record police officers in their interactions with the public.
Illinois' New Photo Lineup Law
Wrongful convictions can destroy lives. Being convicted of a crime one did not commit can land an innocent person in prison, saddle him or her with fines and legal fees, and destroy his or her career and relationships while the truly guilty party lives free.
Reinstating Your Illinois Dirver's License
An Illinois driver can lose his or her driving privileges through a license suspension or revocation. The difference between a suspension and a revocation is the length of time the driver's privileges are lost.
Speeding Citations in North Carolina
Speeding citations as misdemeanors...not so simple matters.
Is not paying back a casino marker a crime in Nevada?
If someone takes out a casino marker and fails to make good on it within the specified time, the court presumes the person had “intent to defraud.”
Will I go to jail for having a joint in Nevada?
Not for a first-time or second-time offense as long as the joint amounts to only one ounce (1 oz.) or less of marijuana.
Can I get arrested for counting cards in Nevada?
Counting cards is not a crime in Nevada. However, casinos that catch patrons counting cards may demand that they leave the premises and not come back.
Can I go to jail for being high on pot in Nevada?
In general, it is a crime in Nevada to be under the influence of marijuana.
What types of victim injuries increase criminal penalties in Nevada?
Nevada criminal defendants may face harsher charges for causing victims to sustain any serious injury ranging from loss of consciousness to organ damage.
Regardless of whether you are being pulled over for a burned out taillight or suspected drinking and driving, knowing your rights during a traffic stop is crucial to protect yourself from incrimination and criminal charges.
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