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Child Sex Abuse Claims Against RELIGION!
Lets put a stop to the way religious groups cover up sex abuse & make them change to Prevent it!
Pennsylvania Drunk Driving Overview
Pennsylvania Drunk Driving laws are tiered as well as provide for special provisions for CDL holders, School Bus operators, and those under age 21.
Why Hire A DWI Attorney?
Getting a DWI isn’t the end of the world, even though it may seem like it.
A "Good Kid" and the "Art of Peer Pressure"
An article describing the difficulties the criminal justice system encounters when confronted with Young First Time Offenders charged with Fairly Significant charges.
Stabbing leads to questions about trying juveniles as adults
Do we try juveniles as adults in an attempted homicide crime?
Arizona DUI Charges – What You Should Know About Implied Consent
Implied Consent and Admin Per Se in DUI cases. What does it mean?
A Look at Drug Trafficking in the United States
Federal drug trafficking laws feature harsh penalties for the selling, transportation and importation of narcotics, such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and heroin.
What is private about cell phone information?
In Riley vs. California, the Supreme Court ruled that the police need a warrant before searching the data inside a smart phone because the data would contain vast archives of private information.
U.S. Supreme Court says to police who want to search a cell phone: “Get a warrant!"
A unanimous United States Supreme Court ruled that police must obtain a warrant to search the information on a suspect's cellphone, in Riley vs. California.
High Court’s Decision to Limit GPS Monitoring Is a Mixed Bag
With the almost daily changes in consumer information technology, such as web surfing smartphones and tablet computers, it is predictable that law enforcement technology has also made radical advances.
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