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Why is it Best Not to Avoid Making an Estate Plan Until Your Finances are Organized?
Find out from an estate planning attorney why it is best not to avoid making an estate plan until your finances are organized.
What is a Specific Bequest in Illinois?
Explanation of a specific bequest in a Will in Illinois.
What is Probate in Illinois?
Explanation of probate in Illinois.
Can you name Co-Agents for Powers of Attorney in Illinois?
Article regarding the use of co-agents under POAs in Illinois.
What is a Joint and Mutual Will in Illinois?
Explanation of a joint and mutual Will.
Trusted Legal Authority
Look for a trusted legal adviser and advocate for powerful legal representation regarding real estate, criminal matters, and wills and probate.
How Annuities Are Treated under New York State Medicaid
Applicants for nursing home Medicaid in New York State must disclose any interest they or their spouse has in an annuity. How does such an annuity affect Medicaid eligibility?
What Should You Do With Your Disabled Child’s 529 Plan?
What can you legally do with a 529 college savings plan for your disabled child, if it now appears unlikely that he or she will attend college after all? Can you leave the money in the plan, or use it for something else? What taxes or penalties apply?
The Difference Between Having a Will and Not Having a Will
I will discuss the basic differences between having a will and not having a will.
I have a will so now what?
You either went to an attorney or, perhaps even Suzie Orman, and you purchased and executed a will. So what does that mean?
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