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Starting a new business? Don't forget the legal details!
A legal to-do list for new businesses to avoid ownership problems and disputes and enhance likelihood of success.
Taxes and Divorce: Tips for Separated Illinois Couples
If you are currently separated and considering divorce in Illinois, questions on how this decision may affect your federal income tax return may cross your mind.
Capital Gains and Inheritance
You may be entitled to a tax break on property you inherit known as a "step up in basis'.
When planning tax strategies, consider Florida property division law
Financial advice that works well at tax time may prove to be disastrous when divorce enters the picture.
Maryland To Give Wealthy Residents a Tax Break
The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill last week and it is currently waiting for the Governor’s signature. The bill would increase Maryland’s estate tax exemption and would probably result in a substantial loss of tax revenue for the state.
House Judiciary Hearing: Exploring Alternative Solutions on the Internet Sales Tax Issue
This is a synopsis of the March 12, 2014 congressional hearing on alternatives to the Marketplace Fairness Act, and a legal analysis of the the due process problems with the Marketplace Fairness Act.
LLC Taxed as S Corporation in Colorado
Many people ask whether a single-member LLC taxed as S corporation is a good play? This article discusses when it is appropriate to have an LLC taxed as S corporation, and how to accomplish this task.
Taxation of Online Commerce
Examination of the application of tax laws to internet transactions.
Jones v. Comissioner: Employment Related Awards Under Section 74
Jones v. Commissioner was an important case for section 74 Employment Awards.
Avoid future Penalties & the Tax Gap for your business by getting tax help.
It is very important to avoid all types of tax penalties. Failing to pay taxes or underpaying taxes can lead to you paying penalties. If you dont pay enough by the due date of each payment period then you are becoming liable for a penalty.

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