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Can I Get a Modification of My Time-Sharing Plan if I’m in the Military?
Divorce is hard on military families, and can be even harder on children, especially when a modification is needed to enforce time-sharing agreements. Here’s what military members need to know.
Military Divorce Lawyer in Columbia, Maryland
Attorney for Military Divorce in Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Carroll County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County and surrounding areas.
The Art of the Interview: An Employer's Guide to the Right Questions
An overview of questions to ask an interviewee as well as questions not to ask to avoid legal issues.
How Technology is changing an Attorney’s Duties under the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct
A discussion about how technology has changed how attorneys approach their cases and and what risks and benefits are associated with the new use of technology.
Introduction to Georgia Court Systems
Introduction to Georgia Court Systems
Underage Drinking Liability: Illinois House Bill 4745
Minor in possession. Open container violations. Driving under the influence. Minors are particularly susceptible to committing these alcohol-related crimes in peer-driven situations while still underage.
Florida’s Ex-Military Spouses Should Research Benefits Available After Divorce
Ex-spouses of military personnel living in Florida may be unaware that they are able to receive some benefits, even after they are no longer married.
A Motion for Reconsideration Does Not Always Toll the Deadline to Note an Appeal
Many lay persons and lawyers alike believe that a motion for reconsideration tolls the deadline to note an appeal. This is only true when the motion is filed within the time prescribed for a motion to alter or amend the judgment.
Church & State: Blurring the Lines
Church and state interaction is inevitable. However, limits to this convergence exist. Under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”
On Legal Writing
For some, the word "appellate" triggers a Pavlovian-like response: move on to something else. Appellate litigation is equated with writing, which many lawyers dislike.

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