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Amateur Athletes and Eligibility
Much has been said and done in recent years about amateur status in sport. As a result, it is not all clear nor understandable. the paradox is that we expect a regulatory standard which varies from sport to sport, through age levels, across geographic boundaries...
Third Annual People's Law School Launches this Summer
Overview of community event designed to lend understanding of the legal system to the community as a whole
Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Pennsylvania
This article explains the importance of estate planning in Pennsylvania for same sex-couples in order to ensure that the desires of same-sex couples are enforceable during incapacity or after death.
Housing Crisis and Student Loan Crisis Are Joined At the Hip
The Student Loan Crisis will have long lasting effects on our economy, and in particular, the real estate market
The New Powerful Power of Attorney Law
This article summarizes the changes in the Florida Statute applicable to Powers of Attorney.
Exceptional Children
Placement and accommodations for children with special needs.
6 iPhone Apps to Help Fight Crime
There seems to be apps for just about anything these days, but did you know that there are even apps available to help both police and citizens to fight crime?
Before You Start Dating Again After a Divorce...
Needed information to prepare for the dating scene after a divorce.
Southern University Law Center Chancellor, Freddie Pitcher, Improvements to the Southern Law Center
When Judge Pitcher stepped into his new position as Chancellor, he found the Southern Law Center to be in a position of possibly not becoming re-accredited by the American Bar Association, which would be detrimental to the school.
Michigan Judge learns that new technology can be costly
Michigan Judge learns that new technology can be costly Smartphone Use. If you have any legal questions, contact our auto accident attorney Michigan at (877) 737-8800.
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