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The Top Six Reasons Why Your Green Card Might Be Denied
Each year, approximately 150,000 immigrants will be issued an employment-based green card.
DUI Immigration Consquences
A DUI conviction can have extremely broad and far reaching immigration ramifications on an individual. A DUI conviction can cause exclusion to the United States, deportability, and denial or delay of naturalization rights.
Knowing Whether You Need Immigration Attorneys
Immigrating to the United States is a complex process, layered in ways you may not even fully understand.
U. S. Immigration Benefits For Foreign Investors
Nonimmigrant visa for a foreign citizen who wishes to enter the US to invest is known as an "E-2"visa. The Immigration and Nationality Act (“INA”) also allows foreign investors to immigrate to the US and become what is known as “lawful Permanent Resident”(“LPR” or "Green Card).[
An Overview of Pathways to the Green Card
For much of its history, the United States had a similar policy regarding immigration, but in 1882, the U.S. Congress passed the first law that placed restrictions on who could come to this country.
The Implications of Becoming a Public Charge
When it comes to immigration, one of the major concerns of the United States government is whether or not an immigrant will become a public charge.
Immigrant Workers Do Not Impact Job Opportunities for American Citizens
Many believe that immigrant workers, brought to the United States with an H1B visa, are responsible for reducing the availability of positions for equally qualified American workers.
The Process of Applying for a Social Security Number
Any immigrant coming to the United States must apply for a social security number if he or she will be working. Other types of immigrants are generally prohibited from receiving a social security number, and don’t need to apply for one.
Conventions Against Torture and Deportation
One of the reasons for contacting any immigration law firm Chicago has is to prevent deportation.
Ciudadania a traves de Naturalización
Naturalización es el proceso por el cual La Ciudadania Americana es otorgada a una persona de un país extranjero después de que esa persona llena los requisitos establecidos por El Congreso en la ley de Nacionalidad e Inmigración (INA).
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