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How Do Independent Contractors Affect the Liability of a Company?
Since independent contractors are considered self-employed individuals, they should report their income and pay the appropriate taxes on their own. The company hiring them is not required to provide benefits or follow minimum wage laws.
Most Common Injuries Following An Auto Accident or Workplace Trauma
Back injuries are the most common injuries from auto accidents and workplace traumas. Its no wonder that insurance companies have developed a plan to fight these claims the hardest.
Lump Sum Settlements In Workers' Compensation Claims . . . A Good Idea?
Workers' compensation claims do not live forever (with the exception of permanent total disability claims). Thus settlement might be an option to consider before a claim is closed statutorily. There are many things to consider before settling. This article discusses those considerations.
“Guilty by Association”: Understanding Indirect Employment Discrimination
Employers of all sizes should understand the difference between direct and indirect claims for employment discrimination.
The History of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated social insurance system that offers limited wage replacement for temporary or permanent loss of wages resulting from injuries and sickness while at work.
Work-Related Injuries and Workers' Compensation
If you have been injured as a result of performing job-related duties, you should be aware of your rights under workers' compensation. The following outlines what workers' compensation is, benefits you may be entitled to, limitations, and how to successfully file and claim.
Dal-Tile case as it relates to Notice
Employers cannot avoid Title VII liability when their customers harass their employees by adopting a “see no evil, hear no evil” strategy.
“Make No Bones” About Protecting Confidential Business Information
Companies in Massachusetts must take proactive steps to prevent the improper use of confidential business information by their employees and associates, or risk losing protection of that information under the law.
IC or Employee?
How do you make a decision to go independent contractor vs. employee when hiring someone, and what are some obligations you encounter along the way based on your decision?
Employment Arbitration: A Cautionary Tale
Unlike a Superior or District Court jury trial, there is usually no right to automatic appeal of mandatory arbitration decisions.
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