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Workers' Compensation and Knee Injuries
Workers who are required to perform the same functions on a continual basis often suffer from what is known as repetitive motion injuries.
Should You Accept the Workers' Compensation Settlement Offer?
Receiving your workers' compensation benefits is not always as simple as the system was initially designed to be.
Workers' Compensation and Construction Accidents
The construction industry has the highest rate of non-fatal and fatal work-related injuries.
Former Criminal to Prospective Employee - Tips for Understanding Ohio Senate Bill 337 and CQEs in the Hiring Process
Ohio Senate Bill 337 took effect on September 29, 2012, and enacted several reforms to Ohio's criminal justice system. One well-publicized reform was the expansion of an individual's eligibility to expunge or seal criminal convictions.
Payola for Employees - Is Your Business At Risk For Wage and Hour Lawsuits?
In the United States, the number of wage and hour lawsuits filed in federal courts has increased every year since 2011, according to the Washington-based Federal Judicial Center, an education and research agency for federal courts.
Defining a Work-Related Injury
Many factors are considered with a workers' compensation claim; there is a lot of room for an employer or the insurance company to deny a claim.
Fourth Circuit Rules that Employers Must Accommodate Temporary Conditions Under the ADA
Employers have a duty to accommodate temporary impairments under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Keeping the Holidays Happy and Liability Free
Tips to Help Employers and Employees Navigate the Holiday Season
Unemployment Appeals Now Handled Through E-Portal For Third Parties
Navigating the new Florida Department of Economic Opportunity's Connect internet portal for unemployment compensation
Lawsuit Filed Against Medical Billing Services Company and its owner for Pregnancy Discrimination
Lawsuit Filed Against Medical Billing Services Company and its owner for Pregnancy Discrimination
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