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Trade Secrets Part II: Does “Non-Disclosure” Ever Mean “Non-Compete”?
Assuming that an employer has taken reasonable security measures to protect its bona fide trade secrets, what can be done after a former employee breaches the parties’ confidential relationship and begins working for a competitor?
When Do Employers Have To Give Me My Final Paycheck and What Can I Do To Get What I'm Owed?
Employers are required to pay employers within a certain amount of time post termination.
Are Stock Option Agreements The Modern Agreements Not To Compete?
Employers using stock option agreements and non-compete agreements.
Payment of Commissions After Being Terminated
Significant portions of Ohio's working population earn their living in sales. A great deal of sales involves the payment of commissions by employers. This may lead to disputes between employees and employers regarding the payment of commissions.
The Department of Labor Set to Implement Modifications to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
The Department of Labor has suggested and is planning on making modification to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act ("LMRDA").
The protection of employees’ personal information: ...
I co-authored an article with a professor and her assistant in Cape Town, South Africa. It addresses new legislation in South Africa and effects on employees' privacy rights
How Do Independent Contractors Affect the Liability of a Company?
Since independent contractors are considered self-employed individuals, they should report their income and pay the appropriate taxes on their own. The company hiring them is not required to provide benefits or follow minimum wage laws.
Most Common Injuries Following An Auto Accident or Workplace Trauma
Back injuries are the most common injuries from auto accidents and workplace traumas. Its no wonder that insurance companies have developed a plan to fight these claims the hardest.
Lump Sum Settlements In Workers' Compensation Claims . . . A Good Idea?
Workers' compensation claims do not live forever (with the exception of permanent total disability claims). Thus settlement might be an option to consider before a claim is closed statutorily. There are many things to consider before settling. This article discusses those considerations.
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