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Questioning the Deprivation of Sex Offender Rights and Opportunities
Across the United States, approximately 747,408 individuals are listed on sex offender registries.
Strip Searches Without Cause Upheld by Supreme Court
Various freedoms, this country is also known for many levels of protections from government overreach. Unfortunately, one of the basic levels of protection has been challenged by a recent Supreme Court ruling.
Law Grants More Protections Sex Crimes Victims, Increases Convictions
Recently, Governor Brown signed a bill into law that provides trial assistance to children and other vulnerable victims of sex crimes. Supporters of the law believe strengthening protections for victims will also increase convictions for those accused of sex crimes.
Calling All Employers
Recently, a California appellate court issued a ruling that requires an employer to reimburse employees a “reasonable percentage” of their cell phone bills when employees are required to use personal cell phones for work.
Work-Related Neck and Back Injuries
Work-related neck and back injuries often result in huge medical expenses, causing financial stress for an injured worker.
Illinois "Ban the Box" Law Approved
If you have ever been convicted of a crime, you know how it feels to have to “check the box” on each of your job applications.
Choose your Lawyer Carefully
Choosing an Attorney can very stressful. today there are adequate resources to ensure you pick the right attorney for you
Know your Rights
For employment discrimination cases, whistle blower lawsuits, or wrongful discharge claims, the more an employee know about their rights, the more they can protect themselves at the work place, and in the event they suffer an adverse action later like losing their job.
Determining Whether Your Injury is Work Related or Not
To seek workers’ compensation you have to prove that the illness or injury sustained by you was a result of a workplace accident or condition.
Recruiting All-Star Help
The importance of your doctor to your health and your case cannot be overstated. Your doctor really is vital for both. One strong device to support your doctor with his interests in your health is to take a STAR with you to your examination.
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