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Work-Related Lifting Injuries in Missouri
Work-related lifting injuries are quite common and each year thousands of claims are filed.
Work-Related Injuries Caused by Fires and Explosions
Victims of industrial accidents must often deal with expensive medical bills, lost time from work, and are left in a financial turmoil.
Massachusetts Retaliation Statute Protects Complaints Regarding Harassment of Co-Workers
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination recently clarified the scope and purpose of its anti-retaliation statute, and awarded damages to an employee who was terminated for submitting an internal complaint of sexual harassment directed by one of her co-workers towards another co-worker.
“Winter Workerland. . .”: Tips for Supplementing Your Workforce with Seasonal Employees
Hiring seasonal employees is not unlike hiring regular full-time or part-time employees . . . or is it? Possible missteps, as well as key issues to keep in mind when hiring seasonal employees, are set forth here.
Missouri Workers' Compensation for Neck Injuries
While some work-related neck injuries are minor and resolve in a few days or weeks, others can be serious with life-altering consequences.
Workers' Compensation and Wrongful Death Benefits
Losing a beloved family member in a work-related accident is something no family wants to have to go through.
Workers' Compensation and Wrongful Death Benefits
Losing a beloved family member in a work-related accident is something no family wants to have to go through.
Is Fetal Weight a Predictor of Birth Injury?
Studies have shown that in the United States 7 out of 1,000 children born suffer from some form of birth injury.
Workers' Compensation and Construction Injuries
Construction workers must deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by workers in any industry.
Proving Repetitive Injury in a Workman’s Compensation Claim
Your body can be affected by constant repetitive motions in ways that you are entirely unaware of for years. These types of workplace related injuries, known as repetitive injury can occur on the back, hands, elbows, shoulders and wrists.
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