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11 Factors: Loan or Capital Contribution?
After a corporation becomes defunct, parties often fight about the characterization of whether a past advance made to the corporation was a loan or capital contribution. Such disputes tend to focus on whether the facts show an intention to create an obligation to repay the advance at issue.
When Do I Need A Lawyer?
When Do I Need A Lawyer?
Driving Distracted – A Bad Combination, No Matter What the Distraction
Sundry of Distracted Drivers A recent photo gallery piece in the Houston Chronicle highlighted readers' accounts of distracted drivers in Houston. This short article discusses some of the dangers of distracted driving and how we can help you if you become the unfortunate victim of such an accident.
Ferry Disaster in South Korea
On today's date in 1865, the worst maritime disaster in U.S. history occurred--the steamboat Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River near Memphis killing approximately 1700 people, mostly Union veterans.
Using The Most Favorable Standard of Review For Your Appeal
Understanding how to shape your appeal in order to use the most favorable Standard of Review and have the best chance for success.
California’s Tender Rule in Foreclosure Suits: Any way around it?
This article discusses the legal doctrine of "Tender." When bringing certain types of lawsuits, one must tender the amount of the debt to have standing to sue. However, there are certain exceptions to the tender requirement.
Stopping a Foreclosure Sale by Obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction
This article advises on your rights to bring litigation against your lender regarding violations of the California Homeowners Bill of Rights and the various court remedies.
The Difference Between Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
Weddings should be one of the happiest moments in any person’s life and they definitely are if the right precautions are taken. Of course, matrimony is all about love, but you also have to think about the long haul - including prenuptial and postnuptial contracts.
6 Reasons Why NY's Civil Courts Are Stuck In The Past
Experts who traverse the NY civil court system say it suffers from flaws that leave it many steps behind the needs of modern litigators.
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