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An Overview of Mediation in California Personal Injury
Many personal injury cases end up in mediation. Litigation is often expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Mediation is generally a cheaper, faster, easier alternative to litigation.
Statutes of Limitation in Georgia
A general overview on a few of the Statutes of Limitations applicable in Georgia.
Failure to File an Answer May Result in a Judgment Against You
The importance of hiring an Attorney quickly if you have been served with a lawsuit due to time limits to Answer and the potential for a default judgment being obtained against you.
Do's and Don't in Civil Mediation
This article explores important tips to keep in mind as you engage in civil mediation.
Hiring an Attorney; Knowledge of Local Rules (Part II of a Series)
When seeking an attorney, various attributes of the attorney will come into play relating to how well they will represent you. These include personality, and knowledge. Knowledge of local rules is an overlooked attribute. Read to find out more.
Hiring an Attorney; Personality (Part I of a Series)
Finding the right attorney can be difficult. This article explores how to assess the personality of your attorney to see whether they are a good fit for your legal matter.
Understanding a Statutory Demand
This memorandum was generated for the Claims Department for 21st Century Insurance while I served as Managing Attorney for the Sacramento Valley.
Defamation in the Workplace
There is a growing need for employers to monitor what and how they communicate in the workplace. What seems to the employer as a fair constructive criticism can potentially open a legal claim against the business. This is especially true as related to reviews and terminations.
Dissolution Litigation Risks: Once started, it is hard to stop
Disputes over ownership, governance, and control of a business can lead to Dissolution litigation that will have unexpected consequences.
The Not So Friendly "Business Divorce"
A brief guide on the nature and shape of a business break-up
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