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S-Corp or C-Corp: How do you decide?
The first business formation task is to determine what kind of business entity should be used. S-Corps and C-Corps have unique differences.
“Make No Bones” About Protecting Confidential Business Information
Companies in Massachusetts must take proactive steps to prevent the improper use of confidential business information by their employees and associates, or risk losing protection of that information under the law.
Don't let a disaster black out your business
Regulation A and the Reawakening of U.S Entrepreneurship!
There is little doubt that innovation and entrepreneurship are the backbone of this nation.
A North Carolina Corporation can be beneficial to the owners in two important ways: 1) it can help prevent the business owner from paying too much in federal and state income taxes and 2) it can help protect the owners from incurring Personal Liability for acts carried out by the business.
Protecting Your Client's Business In Divorce
Business assets are a part of divorce assets. There are methods available to protect those assets.
Small Business Law Firm, Northern Michigan, Central Michigan, Upper Peninsula, Levitt Law Firm PC
Levitt Law Firm PC Small Business Law Firm Representing clients throughout Central and Northern Michigan including the Upper Peninsula Are you someone who has an idea? someone who has always wanted to venture out on his own? Do you have an idea for a business?
Sexual Orientation and Part of the Diversity Discussion
New Orleans Case Deals with Employee Benefits
Claims against Co-employees
An injured employee may only pursue claims against a co-employee in cases involving willful conduct.
What Is a Trade Secret?
Trade secret is often a nebulous term encompassing disparate facts and analyses to ascertain its existence and enforceability. For instance, Plaintiff's belief that some particular information is a trade secret does not necessarily render such information trade secret, per se.
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