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Kenneth S. Hafenstein

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Accident & Injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security, Social Security -- Disability

Ken is one of the founding Partners and is responsible for both the management of the firm and is the head of the Workers’ Compensation practice. ... (more)

Connor, Kimmet & Hafenstein LLP
2000 W Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220


2000 W Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220

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A Quick Guide to Separation Agreements and Severance Packages
a Quick Guide to Separation Agreements and Severance Packages
Proxy/Alter Ego Liability for Sexual Harassment
proxy/Alter Ego Liability for Sexual Harassment
Investigatory Meeting Even With Possible Consequences Not an Adverse Employment Action
employees sometimes find themselves summoned to an internal investigation and informed that they could be terminated depending upon the results of the investigation.  As long as the employer is merely (and reasonably) enforcing its preexisting disciplinary policies, such circumstances (however unsettling) do not support even a prima facie case of employment discrimination.
Court Amends Time Restriction for Engineering Firm Non-Compete Agreement
maintenance Technologies International, LLC v. Vega, 2006 Conn. Super. LEXIS 136
Breach and Irreparable Harm Required for Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreement
opticare, P.C. v. Zimmerman, 2008 Conn. Super. LEXIS 759
To Be Qualified for a Position, an Employee Must Also Be Eligible
most employees are familiar with the proposition that for them to prevail in a discrimination case they must prove several things, including that they were “qualified” for the position sought (and denied).  Most people equate being “qualified” with “possessing the qualifications to perform the job” and this is correct.  But there is more.  In addition to being technically competent, the employee must also be eligible to apply for the position.
Employee Handbook Alert: Seemingly Neutral Work Rule May Violate NLRA
the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”) gives private-sector employees the unqualified right to engage in “protected concerted activity” which includes discussing among themselves such things as wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.  An employer cannot promulgate a work rule that tends reasonably to chill employees’ exercise of that statutory right. Karl Knauz Motors, Inc. owned and operated a BMW dealership.  Its employee handbook contained the following (apparently common sense) rule: (b) Courtesy: Courtesy is the responsibility of every employee.  Everyone is expected to be courteous, polite, and friendly to our customers, vendors and suppliers, as well as to their fellow employees.  No one should be disrespectful or use profanity or any other language which injures the image or reputation of the Dealership.
Court Denies Enforcement Due to Inconsistencies & Absence of Valid Contract
luongo Construction & Development, LLC v. Keim, 2008 Conn. Super. LEXIS 1182
Preemptive Effect of LMRA Extends to Suits Alleging Liability in Tort
preemptive Effect of LMRA Extends to Suits Alleging Liability in Tort
Court Invalidates Non-Compete Agreement for Excessive Restraint of Trade
cT Cellar Doors, LLC v. Palamar, 2010 Conn. Super. LEXIS 3247
Firing to Prevent Pension Vesting, Without More, Does Not Violate ADEA
in this economy, companies are terminating employees in an effort to increase share value or simply improve the bottom line.  Often it is the older, more senior, and more costly employees that are the first to go.  The question sometimes arises: “Can my employer fire me to prevent my pension from vesting (thereby saving itself money) without violating the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?”  The short and surprising answer is “yes,” assuming the absence of other critical allegations necessary to sustain an ADEA claim.
Real Estate Fraud Statute of Limitations In California
learn about the real estate fraud statute of limitations in California and understand how it impacts real estate transactions.
Amusement Parks in California - A Legal Perspective
stay safe at amusement parks in California - learn about the legal landscape and your rights after an accident.
The Most Common Personal Injury Cases in California
learn about the most common personal injury cases in California and know what to do if you find yourself in such a situation.
Implied Duty to Not Disclose Accounts and Trade Secrets and Exceptions to the Rule
booth Waltz Enterprises v. Kimlingen, 2004 Conn. Super. LEXIS 2682
Court Invalidates Non-Compete Agreement for Unreasonable Restrictions
trans-Clean Corp. v. Terrell, 1998 Conn. Super. LEXIS 717
Form U5 – Employment Termination in the Securities Industry
broker-dealers, investment advisors, and issuers of securities routinely use Form U5 to terminate the registration of an individual whose employment has ended and to notify the appropriate jurisdiction or self-regulatory organization.  Employees are still subject to the jurisdiction of regulators for at least two years after the registration has been terminated and may have to provide information about the association with their former employer.  The section of Form U5 that may be the most problematic concerns the reason for the termination that must be provided by the employer.
Understanding the Restrictions on Timeshares in the City of Newport Beach, CA
a Timeshare is a vacation residence in which the owner gets the right to use a specified type of residence within a specified timeframe.